Who are we?

CUCO Vegan Fashion started its adventure by the end of 2018.

It was difficult for us to find high quality and fashionnable vegan accesories in Spain. We were aware of the fact that it was easier in other countries, primarily in the North of Europe and the North of America, and we decided to start this project in order to offer to the market this kind of product.

Since that moment, we decided to launch CUCO Vegan Fashion, working a lot of hours, a lot of days, and a lot of months,  shaping our idea until October 2018, when we finally opened our online store.

We offer you an accurate product selection from the best international brands, trying to keep the balance between quality, design, ressistance and price.

If you think every animal, human or not, has the same rights. If you want to see nice fashion accessories cruelty-free. If you want to be an active part of the change we want to achieve in the fashion world. If you want... welcome to CUCO Vegan Fashion. Welcome to your home. 

Feel free to have a look at our website. Do not hesitate to ask us about whatever you want and give us your feedback. Besides, if you decide to join us, we will make everything to warrant you an excellent experience at CUCO.

We know that we can not be perfect, but on our way to perfection we can reach excellence.

But nothing has sense without you, without sharing what we do with you, what we think and what we want. Because of this, you can follow us at our social. We will be very proud.