"No animal must suffer in making our products". It is a simple way of thinking, isn' it? That is the main rule at CUCO Vegan Fashion. Every animal, human or not, should have the same rights.


It makes no sense to protect an animal and while damaging the environment, and because of this we use eco-friendly materials that respect our planet.


We are currently working with vegetal raw materials, like the leaves from the pineapples, also known as Piñatex, eucalyptus fiber, leather made with corn and organic cotton.


We are also giving a second chance to recycled materials from plastic bottles, upcycling of tyre bikes, cotton and polyester.


Some products are made by a mix of different free of phtalats and heavy metal alcohols and solvents that form an eco polyurethane. In comparison with some other materials, polyurethane, if it has an ecological production, it could be not only reciclable, but also biodegradable.